Soul mending is an immersive healing practice. It isn’t about fixing what’s been broken. It’s about slowly awakening to truths you’ve forgotten. Soul mending is a treasure hunt, a game to reclaim pieces that are inherently yours. It’s a joyous process of discovery, as the wonder and glory of the truest version of yourself is revealed. Often, these missing pieces are your most authentic parts, the parts that reveal your most profound truths and are connected to your deepest intrinsic desires.

Many of us have come to believe that success is achieved through discipline, careers, physical fitness, happy families, or social standing. Many well-intentioned people are weary from directing energy into activities that steal their power. This needless suffering creates little tears in the psyche. If ignored, those little tears result in anxiety, depression and addictive behaviors. 

Unlike many traditional therapeutic modalities, soul mending is not heavy. The process is playful and light.

After all, life is a journey of becoming:

  • Becoming open to love, which is your most authentic form of expression
  • Becoming certain that you are indeed worthy of your deepest and most passionate desires
  • Becoming aware of your exquisite perfection

Nothing is more important than this journey of becoming. In fact, once you put your journey of becoming ahead of everything else, every other aspect of your life will easily and effortlessly fall into place.

Escape Bound offers several paths to soul-mending.

Expeditionary Retreats

An expeditionary retreat is like cramming ten years of therapy into a two week experience. Participating in a transformative plant-based medicine ceremony, followed by several days of integration, while trekking in the Andes, our clients experience profound insight that impacts virtually every aspect of their lives.

In our hectic lives where we struggle to find balance amid stresses of work, family and the daily challenge of managing interpersonal relationships, it’s easy to lose sight of our own spiritual growth and development. In time, like a clogged sink, we add to the toxic mental and emotional debris that eventually blocks our spiritual drain. These spiritual blockages create friction, anger, anxiety, depression and an overall feeling of dissatisfaction.

Plant-based medicines are a natural pipe-cleaner. Most people who have participated in an indigenous plant-based medicine ceremony say it’s like 10 years of therapy in a single session. The medicine takes you where you need to go, to purify, cleanse and detoxify your spirit.

Unlike many retreats where participants take part in ceremony, then immediately return to the stresses of daily life, Escape Bound utilizes a post-ceremony trek to integrate and assimilate the valuable healing received in ceremony. These 3-4 day treks harness the power of nature to interpret and accentuate the healing process, during a period of integration.

It is said that 50% of the healing work is done in ceremony. The other 50% happens during the process of integration. Escape Bound’s expeditionary retreat model allows adequate time for reflection and support from other people who share in the ceremonial experience, providing an opportunity for each participant to act as both teacher and student, comforter and comfortee. In this way, the participants maximize their investment of time, effort and money to receive the fullest manifestation of their intentions.

Soul-Mending Workshop Series

The soul-mending workshop series meets you where you are, facilitating growth from the comfort of your own home. The soul-mending experience is one of inquiry, exploration and play. It is the exciting process of delving into your unique gifts, discovering your soul’s unique vibrational frequency, which only you can sing. You have goals that you are exclusively equipped to manifest, dreams that you alone can achieve. Soul-mending is the process of stitching together the beautifully textured and patterned pieces of your life, to design your own unique, radiant, awe-inspiring quilt.

Soul-Mending Books

Escape Bound: How Losing a Home Helped Me Find My Heart

Escape Bound is the story of an 18,000 mile road trip that I took in the wake of an unexpected divorce. My teenage daughter’s desire to become an Instagram travel influencer inspired seventy-two spectacular destinations on our route. 

As our three month adventure unfolded, Callie and I realized that life isn’t about trying to convince other people to fall in love with us for who we are not. It’s about falling in love with ourselves, over and over, for who we are.

How To Rock When You’re On a Roll: 21 Soul Mending Practices to Look Younger, Live Longer and Love More Deeply (to be published fall 2023)

Many times, we fall into the trap of believing that fulfillment comes from the events we experience. Like climbing a mountain, we seek to build successful careers, loving families, beautiful homes, and travel to exotic destinations. But often times, reaching the mountaintop feels hollow and unrewarding.

Soul mending is the art of becoming. Rather than focusing on doing or having, soul mending practices celebrate the sensual pleasures of the body, a mind with virtually limitless potential to expand and create, and a heart that is capable of connecting more deeply than we ever thought possible.

Soul Sex: Harnessing the Creative Energy of Sacred Sexual Connection (to be published spring 2024)