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The Song ``Escape Bound``

Mia Litzenberg and Callie Rounds wrote and recorded the song “Escape Bound” at a music camp in Los Angeles when they were 14 years old. Little did they know, three years later, they would spend several weeks traveling together across the western United States in a pop-up trailer. Later that same year, they spent a month road tripping in Costa Rica.

“Escape Bound” Lyrics

The Book ``Escape Bound``

Christy and her family owned successful businesses, lived in beautiful homes, and traveled all over the world, often for moths at a time. in short, the Rounds family lived a picture-perfect life… and they had Facebook to prove it!

Then, after 23 years, married to the man she considered to be her soul mate, Christy discovered her marriage was on the rocks. A happy family, financial success, social standing… all pillars that had provided decades of validation… crumbled in a heap of rubble.

Weeks later, the world was on the brink of a global pandemic, when Christy got the news that her father had been diagnosed with cancer. Moving back to her childhood home was not an option.

With nowhere to live, Christy borrowed $8,0000 from her parents to buy a pop-up trailer, and spent three months, traveling 18,000 miles throughout the American West. Her 16 year old daughter, Callie, chose 72 points of interest that would determine their route.

As Callie created content for the popular Instagram account, @Callie.Rounds, Christy learned that life isn’t about convincing other people to fall in love with us for who we’re not. It’s about falling in love with ourselves, over and over, for who we are.


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